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Frequently Asked Questions

​Booking Questions​​

  • Question: What is required of me to book?

    • Answer: We require our Brides to complete an electronic bridal contract and pay a $75.00 non refundable / non transferable retainer. All terms are written in the contract.​

  • Question: How far in advanced should I book my trial?

    • Answer: We suggest no more than 4-8 weeks out from your wedding date. Styles and fashion change so frequently. 

  • Question: Do I have to give you the total head count for service when I book?

    • Answer: No, we request an estimate and then the "final" total no less than 60 days from your wedding date. Just keep in mind our minimums.

  • Question: When do you collect the wedding day balance?

    • Answer: We collect one payment 14 days prior to the wedding day. This gives the bridal party members time to remit payment to the bride and the bride submit one single payment. ​

  • Question: Are there any additional fees not included in the cost?

    • Answer: The only additional fees you could be subject to are;

      • Travel fee if traveling round trip more than 60 miles, @ 0.58/mile

      • Early set up fee if prior to 7:30 a.m $35. That is not subject to each individual.

      • Dirty hair fee if clients hair is heavy with oils and product. $25ea

      • Extension Placement Fee of $35.00 applies if clip-in extensions are requested to be added to the style. Extensions must be provided by the client and must be 100% human hair. 

      • Parking fee, tolls, valet where applicable

      • Holiday Booking Fee see "weddings tab" for specifics 

  • Question: Is there a minimum to book?

    • Yes

      • Here is the breakdown

        • ​We require a minimum $650.00 per bridal party for combined hair & makeup services
          • This includes the bride plus up to 4 bridesmaids all receiving hair & makeup (Example: If you only have a Bride plus 3 bridesmaid you're subject to the minimum dollar amount.)
          • This does not include a bridal trial
        • We require a minimum of $375.00 per bridal party for single services - hair OR makeup
          • This includes the bride plus up to 4 bridesmaids all receiving a single service - hair OR makeup (Example: If you only have a Bride plus 3 bridesmaids you're subject to the minimum dollar amount​​)
          • This does not include a bridal trial
        • When booking Bride only services the price is $375.00 for hair and makeup - price does include the bridal trial

          • Price is the same with or without the bridal trial.

          • Bridal trial payment will be due when trial is complete and deducted from the total.

  • Question: Do you offer hair and makeup touch ups for my reception? ​

    • Answer: Yes, when scheduled, we offer touch ups for your reception. It is subject to the rate of $150 per hour beginning when the last client is complete, a minimum of $150 will be charged. Complete hairstyle change is subject to an additional service fee of $50.

      • This service must be pre-arranged and is subject to the availability of stylist/artist.​

  • Question: What if I do not have venue access until 2 hours prior to my wedding, will you start services at our Hotel and complete services at our Venue?

    • Answer: This is a case by case situation. In Short Yes, depending on the scheduled time to be ready we may have to begin services at a different location other than your venue. Transferring to a separate location mid timeline is subject to a $50.00 relocation fee. 

Makeup Questions

  • Question: Will my makeup last all day? 

    • Answer: The foundation length of wear is 9-12 hours. True length of time varies. Reapplication is not necessary.

  • Question: Do you provide lashes for those receiving makeup services? Are lashes available to purchase if they are not booking makeup services?

    • Yes, lashes are included in the makeup cost

    • We make lashes available to purchase if you do not book makeup for $10 a pair.​

  • Question: Does your air brush foundation cater to all skin types?

    • Answer: The professional airbrush line we use is a mixed water/mineral-based product that is gentle enough on sensitive skin and light weight enough for oily skin.​ 

  • Question: Do you offer tattoo coverage?

    • Answer: Yes, It is subject to additional fees. See our Price Menu for details

  • Question: Do you offer partial services? (ex. airbrush foundation only)

    • Answer: At this time we are unable to accommodate partial services with the exception of selling lashes to individuals not receiving our makeup services.